About Us

Voice of Hong Kong, www.vohk.hk, is an independent English website, focusing on views and opinions. We position as Hong Kong’s Opinion Platform. “One Hong Kong, many voices” is our motto.

Why? In the age of a boom in digital media outlets, there is no shortage of instant news. But there is a dearth of quality analysis and objective, fact-based commentary. Our mission is to provide readers thought-provoking, insightful and pluralistic views and quality analysis on issues in the city, Taiwan, mainland China and other global issues of interest. We aim to tell reader not just what they need to know, but importantly, why. Our focus is on Hong Kong politics, economics, education and environment, culture and society.

Who? We will invite writers to contribute articles on a regular or occasional basis. Our contributors include Willy Lam, Mark O’Neill, Patrick Lau, Joseph Cheng, Stephen Vines, Andy Ho, Fung Wai-kong, Albert Cheng, Franklin Lam, Albert Lai. The platform is also open to journalists and commentators, interest groups, academics and think tanks, officials and members of the public for them to share their thoughts on issues of public interest.

The website will be run by Chris Yeung, a veteran journalist and commentator with more than 30 years of experience in Hong Kong media. Yeung had worked with the South China Morning Post and was founding editor of the Hong Kong Economic Journal’s EJ Insight.

How? We accept unconditional and commercial sponsorship. In order to sustain the operation at least at the initial stage, we will not be able to pay contributors for their articles. Contributors can choose whether to reserve their right to share the revenue (after deducting operational expenses), or to forfeit their right as sponsorship for the website’s operation. The financial situation of the website will be publicised regularly for public scrutiny.

Copyright of articles belong to writers. Publication of articles will be determined on the basis of one criteria: Quality.

Articles should be submitted with your real name and published name (if different), contact information and a brief bio that goes with the article when published.

If you have any questions and comment, you are welcome to write to [email protected].

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